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I'm 57 years old and I've seen a lot of carpet cleaners in my time, but in short, hands down, Jeff's the best. He saved my family in our rentals twice from replacing $6,000 to $8,000 in carpeting. We also use him in our home, as well. He says he's not a miracle work, but not from what I've seen. Unless you like throwing money out the window, you owe it to yourself to give Jeff a call.

H. Click, Chillicothe

“Outstanding job. Thanks again. Will use your services in the future.”

D. North, Chillicothe

“Very good and even helped me fix the sweeper which was making a funny noise”

H. Davis, Chillicothe

“I was very satisfied with the work that was done”

B. Adkins, Chillicothe

“Your service was exceptional”

S. Tyler, Chillicothe

“Great Job. Your daughter was very professional as well !”

P. Satory

“It was great having someone who takes pride in their work and business in to do our carpets. It was done to satisfaction the first time. Very professional !”

A. Carroll

“I would recommend you. You were timely, courteous. We had a kindred spirit . Blessings to you and your family. May your business be successful.”

R. Branson, Chillicothe

“We first chose you based on your friendly personality ! Once you cleaned the carpets we realized that you not only have a great personality but are professional and do a great job ! We will recommend you to our friends !”

Mary and Nicole, Chillicothe

“Very good job & friendly & nice to talk to. Carpet is getting old but he done a good job.”

M. Morgan, Chillicothe

“Thanks again for a job well done and your tolerance to our changing schedule. The house and carpets looked great. Excellent job & Friendly service, Excellent communication, very much appreciated.”

S. Wogomon

“Our carpet and sofas look wonderful ! Our kids loved you !”

A. Hanes, Chillicothe

“We were very happy with the results of the carpet cleaning. Looks great. Would recommend your company to others!”

D. Ball, Chillicothe

“Great job!”

B. Smith, Chillicothe

“Great service. Will do business with you again. Thanks.”

T. Kern, Chillicothe

“I have recommended you to several people already! I have used 2 other carpet cleaners, I DID NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO NO MAN!. Jeff , you did a superb cleaning. To perfection !”

P. Jones ,Clarksburg

“You always do a great job !! Thanks so much !!”

T. Jordan ,Chillicothe

“Everything looked outstanding and it smelled better too !!

Thanks so much Jeff !!

E. Kern, Chillicothe

“Its amazing how you make our carpet (Which has been here since Moby Dick was a minnow ) look so good ! Thanks!”

J. Widmayer, Chillicothe

“Thank you for another great job. I’m always so pleased with your services. I will never call anyone else.”

B. Dray, Chillicothe

“To Jeff and daughter.

I would like to thank you both for another wonderful  job that you did on my carpet, couch, and chair. If everyone ran their business like you, no one would have to worry about scams or getting ripped off. Think how nice that would be. What can I say? YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! I have been scammed, so I always check the BBB before I hire anyone to do any job for me. You have 0 complaints since your business opened. Not many people have a Spotless record like you.

Thanks again, “

R. Verax ,Chillicothe, OH

“Excellent Work !! Thanks”

Horizon Technology, Chillicothe

“Thank you for taking the time to get all the stains out of the dining room carpet, others have tried but failed. The carpet looked new again. I would recommend your cleaning service to anyone.”

L. Montgomery

Dietary Manager, Traditions of Chillicothe

“Jeff did a wonderful job! We had spilled a gallon of yellow paint on the carpet. He got it all out. You can’t even tell. WOW !!!”

M. & S. Reese, Chillicothe

“Indeed the name is true, your service has a “Personal Touch”.

E. Barnes, Chillicothe

“Personal Touch provides excellent service to our facility. They work at getting the stains removed completely from our carpet. And always call back the next day to check on the carpet & find out our satisfaction.”

B. Perry

Director of Environmental Services, Traditions of Chillicothe


“Excellent job. Came in went right to work, in & out. Knew what he was doing.”

J. Herdendorf, South Salem


“Great Job ! Someone recommended you to us and will definitely recommend you to others !”

L.Rahe, Chillicothe


“Fantastic job, my carpets look like new! Thanks !!!”

T. Kutschbach, Chillicothe

“Jeff you did an awesome job on my living room carpet. My cat marked her territory and after you cleaned it she is back to the litter box. You removed the old musty smell in my daughters room, now it smells as fresh as can be. Thank you so much.”

M. Steele, Chillicothe

“Good job Jeff, I’m impressed, I was not expecting such a good job. I thought there was no hope for my carpet. (I was very wrong) I am very satisfied with the service I received. You were on time, neat, clean, organized, and I’m sure you went above and beyond your duty to help me, because of my fractured arm. I really appreciate that. I will feel very comfortable, recommending your service., knowing that you will provide the same TOP NOTCH JOB you did for me

thank you.”

R. Verax, Chillicothe


“ I was very pleased with the carpets as always. You arrived a few minuets early, you came in & set up & explained to me why they need to be cleaned every 6 months. As usual you did a great job & the carpet looked great.”

M. Owens, Chillicothe

“You did a great job. We were pleased with the work”

J. Jones , Kingston


“Jeff showed up on time and did a great job on the completely filthy carpet. I will use him again.”

W. Lamm, Chillicothe

“We would recommend your company to all of our friends & relatives. We were very pleased with the job you did and your wonderful personality. You did an absolutely great job on our carpet. We will always call you for our carpet cleaning”

J.Napier, Chillicothe

“We really like the work this company does. I will tell my friends and family about Personal Touch. I wouldn’t change to anyone else. They did a good job on my carpet, couch and chair. I really appreciate the job they do.”

R. Landrum, Kingston

“Jeff did a fine job. He even got out spots I didn’t think could be removed from the carpet!”

C. Hines , Chillicothe

“Thank you for a great job !”

Mrs. Burris, Chillicothe

“Thanks for a job well done!”

Three Locks Church, Chillicothe

“ Very good job. Will recommend you.”

D. Wrightsel, Chillicothe

“I liked the work you performed for me. Promptness of keeping to your schedule and how nice my home always looks when you are finished. I do recommend you to friends, family and acquaintances! You are honest and nice to have in our home.”

J. Simpson, Chillicothe

“Thank you for doing a wonderful job”

Dry Run United Methodist Church, Chillicothe

“Jeff you did a great job. Carpet looks brand new.”

V. Groves, Chillicothe


“Looks good !!  Nice job.”

M. Westfall, Chillicothe

“Good job”

D. Coppel, Chillicothe

“So glad to report to you that our dog came through surgery and returned home to clean beautiful carpet! You did a great job and the puppy has only had one accident so far that’s really doing well for her. You did a great job!”

C. Shipley, Chillicothe

“Carpet looks much better after cleaning. You were able to get out the stains that I was concerned about. Thanks.”

N. Porter, Chillicothe

“Very friendly with quality work. Will call if I need more work done.”

J. Mullins, Chillicothe

“Best carpet cleaning job we have ever had.”

H. Markley, Chillicothe

“Professional ! Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning is thorough and the stains

disappear. Thanks for the excellent service”

B. Perry, Chillicothe

“The work was done to our complete satisfaction” “ We definitely would have you again. You left everything neat when you left. Thank you.

R. Deangelis, Chillicothe

“Keep up the good work”

G. Comstock, Chillicothe

“The best carpet cleaning job I’ve ever had done—very thorough. Thanks ! “

S. Murray, Portsmouth

“Thanks Jeff– If I know or hear anyone needing carpets cleaned I’ll recommend you and your daughter too!”

P. Barlow, Chillicothe

“I really liked your website. It is informative and well designed. I checked out all of the various links and will definitely refer back to them as need be.

Also, I was very impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of your

service. Our carpets look great! Great customer service.”

J. Danicki, Chillicothe

“Great Job — Thanks ! “

L. Corzine, Chillicothe

“I can’t believe how well you cleaned my semi truck. You did a remarkable job! I would recommend you for the dirtiest job !! Thank you much.”

J. Smith, Chillicothe


“You did a wonderful job. It was much cleaner than I ever thought that it could be. I was so impressed with your work. I will never call anyone else to clean my carpets or furniture. The result of your work was more than I was expecting . I will definitely recommend you to others. “
B. Corcoran, Chillicothe

“Did a great job as always !! “

B. Beeks, Chillicothe

“We appreciate the extra you did for us ,cleaning our little spots. Thanks again.”

H. Markley, Chillicothe

“Carpet looked great ! Thanks for removing all of the stains. Keep up the good work.”

J. Hirsch, Washington Court House

“Thank you for such a nice job!”

Z. Fyffe ,Chillicothe

“As always you did a wonderful job. I loved the festive cinnamon scent you used. My house smelled great for hours. My poor carpets looked hideous because of our dogs. But you are able to make my carpet look great. Thank you so much!”

F. Demint, Kingston

“My husband & I are very, very pleased. We feel clean again !! Much better job than the last company.”

E. Kern, Chillicothe

“We were very pleased with what was done. Plan on using you again. We will proudly refer your service”

God’s Community Outreach Church, Chillicothe

“Already mentioned your service to others along with a recommendation. Would definitely use your services again.”

R. Wiget, Kingston

“Personal Touch Carpet Cleaning was recommended by a coworker. I was able to get an appointment within a couple of days and I was pleased with the results.”

D. Kemper, Chillicothe

“Great name for your business because of the personal touch you give your


B. Scott, Bainbridge

“I was very impressed with the work. Stains come out that I thought never would. I have already recommended your service to two people. Thanks.”

C. Rhoades, Waverly

“As soon as Jeff left I  immediately called my mother and told her what great service I got !! Over the next few days visitors commented on how nice the carpet looked and how fresh the house smelled! Thank You ! “

A. Cross, Chillicothe

“A very satisfied customer. Will recommend you to others”

E. Cox , Bainbridge

“ I was very pleased with the results. The information I received was very helpful. Looking forward to seeing you again.”

S. Stevens, Kingston

“Very prompt, friendly. Great job cleaning!”

S. Smith, Adelphi

“Does a great job. Knows his stuff !”

J. Corzine, Chillicothe

“It’s refreshing to see a highly trained professional at work”

C. Counts, Chillicothe

“I was very happy with how my carpet turned out. Will definitely  use your service again. Great customer service!”

B. Carpenter, Chillicothe

“You did a real good job”

J. Urick, Chillicothe

“Good job”

C. Martin, Frankfort

“Once again you did a great job !”

J. Danicki, Chillicothe

“I was most satisfied with your work & yes I’ll recommend to others”

J. Bolen, Chillicothe

“WOW ! Our carpets have never looked so good. We always cleaned them ourselves with a rented machine. We won’t be renting any more ! Thanks Jeff !

D. Nunziato, Chillicothe

“We are always pleased with your service and especially for the extra cleaning of our dirty spots.”

H. Markley, Chillicothe

“You did a good job”

R. Speakman, Londonderry

“Very satisfied with the work and the price. Recommended you to several friends and family”

K. Brown, Chillicothe

“Very professional and satisfaction was 100%. Thanks”

First Assembly of God Church, Chillicothe

“I was impressed by the fact you use soft water. It made such a difference in how the carpet looked  and it dried faster” Thanks again”

L. DeGarmo, Chillicothe

“ Thank you for cleaning the carpet and loveseat. As a result of your fine
workmanship we now bathe our son Eli every two weeks instead of weekly. He doesn’t get nearly as filthy crawling around on the clean carpet.”

R. Climer, Londonderry


“Very Good Job !! I was very impressed on how clean the couch turned out.”

A. Brown, Waverly

“ I was well pleased with your services and would recommend you to all of my friends. You went the extra mile. Thank you so much, the tips for pet messes helps me a lot !

C, Enmen, Chillicothe

“My carpet looks cleaner and brighter. Thank You.”

M. Birchfield, Chillicothe

“We are always impressed with your professionalism and the quality of your carpet cleaning expertise. Thanks !!

Napier Family, Chillicothe

“Once again...job well done !! We will see ya in 6-12 months!”

A. Fryer, Chillicothe

“Everything was great ! Any time we need carpet cleaning we know who to call.

Rev. Clendaniel ,  Jefferson Ave C.C.C.U., Chillicothe

I’ll never use another cleaning service again !!! Very happy customer”

L. Cartee, Frankfort

“Personal Touch did a very good job for us. We would highly recommend this carpet cleaning to friends and family”

J. Laveck, Circleville