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Soiled Furniture?

Why clean your furniture?

The same abrasive dirt and

grit that is in your carpet is in your furniture. You vacuum your carpet every day but I bet you don’t vacuum your sofa !Periodically cleaning your furniture not only keeps them looking like new, but can extend your furniture’s life by removing hidden soil and grit before fiber damage occurs. 

When our mobile cleaning system arrives promptly at your home we will thoroughly inspect your furniture to make sure it can be wet cleaned. In fact 80% of all upholstery can safely be wet cleaned.

We will clean your furniture right in the room its sitting in. We will move your furniture out from the wall or other furniture. Place it on large furniture pads to prevent your carpeting or wood floors from getting wet. After your furniture has been cleaned and looking like new again we will place it back in its original place.

To have your furniture cleaned Safely, Thoroughly, Promptly and Reliably call us today!